Locality: approximately 5km north of the town of Bright and 25kms east of Myrtleford

Area of application: (Km2) 54 sq km

Date of the application: 22/06/2021

Term of Licence is applied for: 5 years

Outline of the proposed program of work:

The initial scope of the Program of Work will include literature searches and data reviews, field inspections of
existing known mineralisation, surface mapping and Low Impact Exploration. In accordance with Sec. 39A
MRSDA 1990, all Work Plans will have allowances for a community Engagement Plan component and include
the opportunity for residents within the area of the Exploration Licence to meet with and discuss any concerns
with both the applicant as well as government regulators prior to the submission of the Work Plan. Any
proposed exploration works undertaken on freehold land will only occur with consent and agreement of the
land-owner. Should further exploration requiring drilling or surface disturbance be proposed then an Approved
Work plan will be sought before works commence.

Review full application here.

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